Jelena Dunić & Marko Milićević – New Weird Balkan

Friday, 15.09, 22:30h – 23:30h, Palatul Ștefania, Timișoara

Jelena has been a member of Popscotch radio & webzine and Kino Pleme – Live Soundtrack collective from the very beginning, ten years ago. As an editor and promoter on Popscotch, she broadcasted her show This World Needs a Mother for six years. Following the spirit of Popscotch Radio, she focused in her mixes on the exploration of electronic, experimental music, and new music fusions. You can listen to some of her podcasts here.

For this occasion, she prepared a mixtape that follows her series New Weird Balkan – Multifaceted explorations of Balkan folk tradition – through free form, psych revival, and new millennium electronic sound.

Marko Milićević deals with film and music, to an equal extent, as a curator and performer.
He is one of the founders of Kino Pleme, film lab equipped for working on analog film formats, program editor of the long running Live Soundtrack, monthly event for live experimental and electronic film music (started in 2014), and the author of several shorts shot on super 8 / 16mm/ or using found footage. In recent years, he’s also extended his passion for analog cinema by being one of the organizers and curators of the Kinoskop – International analog experimental film festival, happening each year in Belgrade.

When working with sounds for Live Soundtrack events, his choice of preference lies in exploring electronic music textures (ensemble for live music, Old Soviet Dogs), vocal improvisation and musique concrete, as well as collaborations with vocal artists (Olja Nikolić -Kia) and poets (Tamara Šuškić).

Working as a music journalist has inspired him to launch, online alternative electronic music webzine which explores the regional (ex-yugoslav) scene through a series of interviews and track samplers. His radio show and podcast Lost in Forest has, since its inception, explored the link between electronic, experimental and folk music, bridging the past, present and future sounds (only few of the shows are currently available here: his new DJ set will delve even more into free-form, improvised, adventurous music : the long-forgotten (and re-discovered) jewels of Yugoslav era and decentralized jungle of recent Bandcamp discoveries.