Collective comics workshop Partisans in Space with Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić

Saturday, Sept. 16 2023, 15h -17:30h, Ștefania Palace

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In their intervention entitled “One step forward, two steps back” in the public collection of the Museum of Yugoslavia in Belgrade, Vladan and Rena deal with the heritage of modernism and drastic consequences of seemingly unlimited growth and extractivism.

With the dawning of No Planet B, both extraction and unlimited exploitation is being launched into outer space. It is our next task to imagine how this cosmopolitics will play out, who will benefit and at what cost.

What happens when humanimal cosmonauts join hands in solidarity? What happens when resistance to various forms of exploitation takes place under conditions of zero gravity? How and under what constellations do partisan ecologies move to space and return back to Earth?
As a new space race and race for the Moon is gaining momentum, it’s important to understand how this might impact us back on Earth, or how in its turn it might be informed by contemporary struggles.

Contrary to the logic of the dependence of economic growth on the growth of the arms industry, stands the idea of slow orientation, which advocates partisan resistance of a different kind.

Having that in mind, Rena and Vladan want to share the stories of those characters, and invite you to think about how to move forward within the realm of partisan ecologies and contemporary struggles, and to reconsider the relations between the presented or newly suggested characters? People can be involved in the joint drawing, imagination and description of characters and their mutual relations. The Partisan in Space collective drawing workshop encourages you to think in a joyful playful manner about a space exploration adventure with a militant optimism at its heart.

This workshop is for everybody (age 18-90+). Spots available: 15 max.

Participation is free but requires registration.

Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić explore the relations between art and politics, unveiling the contradictions of today’s societies and developing transformative potentials of art. They live and work in Belgrade and Berlin and their practice includes installations and interventions in the public space.

Drawing by Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić