Solo Show: Rareș Moldovan – Natură Cauzală

April 19, 7-9 PM, Indecis, Bastion 3, Timișoara

Further beyond an intermediate plane of consciousness, lies a body of distilled knowledge and experience, expressed in human terms, embodying a different form of understanding. This can be described as a type of experiential knowledge that transcends typical cognition, encompassing both bodily and spiritual experiences that define moments in time and space. In simpler terms, what we witness here is the transformative power of art rather than its literal meaning or potential interpretations. This engages us in a contemplative process, pushing back against over-intellectualization and interpretation.

Causal Nature serves as an exercise in contemplating nature through abstract thought, magical in a way. Methodologically, Rares Moldovan creates a space for speculative exploration while examining our environment. These explorations occur within a casual plane, a realm delineated in Neo-Theosophy as abstract thought, beyond the material and astral realms, where the thingness of things or the foundation of consciousness resides.

Nature then becomes the conduit between realms, the object of contemplation encompassing the material, physical world, and the universe. Drawings serve as a significant means of documenting these meditations or dialogues. They are intended to exist in the liminal space between abstraction and figuration, resembling pictograms arranged in relation to each other and to the exhibition space. Moreover, these drawings evoke aesthetics akin to frames from a segmented storyboard of a retrofuture narrative.

Without seeking symbolism or immediate meaning, Rareș captures immediate impulses, glimpses of energy trapped between realms, aiming to illuminate potential future outcomes or previously undiscovered aspects of our immediate surroundings.

Rareș Moldovan was born in 1980 in Arad, where he graduated from the Sabin Drăgoi High School of Fine Arts, specializing in sculpture. In 2004, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara, also specializing in sculpture. Since 2004, he has been actively involved in local and international cultural events, participating both as an organizer and as an artist.

The exhibition can be visited until May 26, 2024, from Wednesday to Saturday, between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM, or by appointment.

The event is organized in partnership with the Municipality of Timișoara, through the Projects Center.