Dear friends,

The time has come to make an announcement that we have been postponing for a while now. We have been artists, we have been artist-run, and now we are simply “run”. As some of you already know, we have lost the space that hosted Indecis and The Secret Garden Bookshop, and for a few weeks now, you can no longer find us at the familiar address.

This doesn’t mean we are stopping our activities. By the end of the year, we will become nomads, working on projects that we eagerly await your participation in (Culture Quest, Cozzzmonautica, Sit+Read Artbook Fair & others). Starting from the beginning of 2024, we hope to welcome you again in a new location, with fresh projects and a new approach.

Until then, we hope you will continue to follow us through our channels, on our website, and via our newsletter, where we will keep you updated on everything we have in store for the coming period.

♡ We are super grateful for all the love and the unwavering support you have provided us over time.

the Indecis & The Secret Garden Bookshop Team