Indecis Artist Run at Supermarket Art Fair 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Indecis Artist Run will be a part of Supermarket Art Fair 2024, taking place on 25–28 April in Stockholm, Sweden!

As a vibrant hub for artist-driven endeavors, Supermarket Art Fair provides a platform for exhibiting artist-run spaces, artists’ collectives, nomadic spaces and independent artists’ initiatives of all shapes and from all around the world. This year, the fair returns to Skärholmen Centrum, featuring 66 artist-run galleries representing diverse corners of the world, collectively spotlighting the work of hundreds of artists.

We are delighted to present the works of 10 artists from Timișoara, Ana Kun, Sorina Vazelina, Bianca Băilă, Mimi Ciora, Lucian Barbu, Gavril Pop, Florin Fâra, Sergiu Sas, PNEA and Vlad Gheorghe Cadar, with a long-standing involvement in the local independent scene and strongly connected to our initiative. Our showcase will feature primarily visual art pieces, drawings, and textile art, video, alongside a selection of printed publications.

Our participation is kindly supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm.