Miloš Petrik – The Serbian Front: From the Fringe to the Mainstream

Friday, 15.09, 19:30h – 20:30h, Palatul Ștefania, Timișoara

This talk will examine in brief the history of Serbian genre film, comic books, literature, and other media, centering on the sci-fi genre. The time in which sci-fi, alongside horror and fantasy was either disparaged as a lower form of content, mislabelled as thrillers or misinterpreted as children’s content may be behind us, but it is perhaps more recent than one would like. Parallel to that, Serbia’s difficult economic situation and international isolation in the 1990s further contributed to the constraints authors had to face. This makes the recent inroads of various creators into the mainstream all the more poignant. Solid results achieved from constraint of near-impossible work conditions, international recognition coupled with domestic obscurity, and even a little bit of scandal – Serbia’s genre creatives have a lot to offer.

Miloš Petrik is a Serbian author, translator, and lawyer. He has worked in traditional media, audio books, and computer game production, ran the online edition of Serbia’s oldest fanzine, and published two collections of short stories and a novel.