Miloš Jovanović – Napred U Prošlost*/Înainte Spre Trecut/Ahead To The Past

Friday, 15.09, 21h – 22h, Palatul Ștefania, Timișoara

Miloš was born 1972 in Yugoslavia and since the beginning of the current century has been based in Bucharest. Napred U Prošlost*/Înainte Spre Trecut/Ahead To The Past is his recent exploration of digging a time-tunnel through the history of Romanian (and not only) gaming world –

Trained as a graphic designer with more than 31 years of experience in all sorts of media, today he calls himself a creative technologist. After moving to Bucharest he became a key publisher and editor of alternative comix. His samizdat activity covers over 30 publications (comics, art books, zines, newspaper mags…), several toys, a few socks, tons of wwws design, 3 video games, 5 or 6 good fonts. His favourite fruit is mango. More about him on

*The title of his cozzzmo presentation is based on the band-name Napred u Proslost – a Yugo-band formed in 1984 in the Banatsko Novo Selo, Serbia. They played experimental music, new wave/punk.